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Diana Rodriguez, President

When I was launching Pride Live several years ago, Michelle was instrumental in advising us on all our strategic human resource needs.  Her ability to listen and understand our specific needs is admirable.  We are now re-engaging her for our new effort as we launch a second nonprofit here in New York City  We immediately knew to call her and get her involved on the ground level. Michelle's ability to work across all areas of the people operations components of a business make her a valued partner.  There is not one move I make with my nonprofits where I don't call and ask for Michelle's input on how this will impact the people-end of the operation. She is also a genuinely caring and selfless individual who carries no other agenda except to help other businesses be successful.

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J. Michael Durnil Ph.D, Executive Director

Michelle is truly one in a million in human capital professionals. Smart, insightful, decisive and collegial with all! I trust her intuition, competency, capacity and strategic point of view. While I had the pleasure of working with Michelle well over 10 years ago, she is always the first call I make when I find myself needing advice and counsel in the areas of succession planning, strategic management, people solutions and personnel planning. Michelle's knowledge base is vast and her network is an amazing asset. I can think of no other person who I would trust as my confidant in navigating the complicated issues facing managers in today's workplace.

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Andrew J. White, President

Michelle's professionalism and unwavering eye for detail makes us thrilled to have her in our corner!

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Betty Long, President

During the early years of Guardian Nurses, we relied on Michelle’s expertise in creating our infrastructure for our small business. Throughout our growth, we returned looking for her counsel and training in issues like DEI, remote workforce and benefits.  Now, 18 years later, we’ve engaged Alvis People Solutions to strengthen that infrastructure, assist with our training and development and address succession planning.  Michelle brings keen assessment skills, operational knowledge, a strategic mindset, and above all, her humanity to benefit her clients.

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