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2022 HR Strategy...Where Do Nonprofits and Small Businesses Even Start?

With all the disruption in the workplace the last two years, a lot of my clients are asking about their strategic HR planning for 2022. Where many companies looked at historical data and trends to help them plan for their upcoming year; it seems the data and trends they once followed are of little to no use for 2022 planning.

So how does a nonprofit or small business predict the future HR needs of the organization after analyzing the organization’s current needs, external labor market and the future HR environment that the organization will be operating in when truly, no one knows these days?

The simple three step process is this:

I. Set your GOALS – Guides that explain what you want to achieve.

II. Define your OBJECTIVES – implementation steps you create to attain those goals.

III. Create your STRATEGY – a plan of action you design to achieve your goals.

How do you get started? I have outlined below five sample goals objectives and strategies that will spark you to think about your 2022 strategy. If these do not all apply to your company, we can help you create one that does!


GOAL #1: Improve HR service throughout the organization


· Ensure HR is staffed and structured appropriately for the 2022 year

· Review your human resources processes to ensure your HR function is streamlined

· Ensure HR policies are current, relevant and always complaint

· Review and implement HR technology solutions to improve HR service

· Improve the efficiency of the HR model currently in place to ensure departments and staff are getting what they need


· Restructure your HR resources and/or bring in HR consultants as needed

· Create a service model to ensure your staffs needs are being met

· Create a workforce planning process by department

· Standardize and improve communications within the organization

· Hire an HR consultant to review or create policies and procedures

· Evaluate and/or create safety plans, including COVID-19 plans

· Review your disciplinary policies

· Ask if it time for an HRIS technology solution

· Increase your use of data and metrics in HR

GOAL #2: Look for strategies and programs that position your company as an employer of choice to attract talent


· Establish your ‘brand’ of who your organization is and what it offers its employees

· Ensure your Talent Acquisition process and your on-boarding process show a high quality experience for all applicants and new hires

· Review your classification and compensation process and systems

· Refine your talent selection process for executives, management and other leadership positions


· Market to both internal and external talent

· Develop and implement a committee to support your branding efforts

· Review and evaluate your current on-boarding processes

· Decrease your ‘average days to fill’ vacant positions

· Review and improve as needed your current compensation structure and philosophy overall

· Create a separate plan for talent acquisition for leadership in the organization

GOAL #3: Create and implement programs to improve your employee retention and engagement


· Implement or review a meaningful performance management process

· Develop employee retention and engagement programs


· Review or create an individual performance program that aligns with your companies values and mission

· Revitalize your companies reward and recognition programs

· Develop or enhance your mentorship program

· Identify what retention and engagement programs are in place and which ones need to be created

GOAL #4: Improve the overall health and wellness of your employees


· Monitor the use of wellness programs to improve health outcomes

· Review and improve your plan design of your current HSA’s and your existing medical plan options and total reward packages

· Market to employees heavily on their health and wellness benefits


· Market wellness programs to increase employee utilization

· Monitor implementation and use of the wellness programs

· Conduct evaluations of all HSA’s and your existing medial plan options and total reward packages

· Identify opportunities to improve wellness education

· Increate employee awareness around these programs

· Implement programs that target your populations top 5 chronic conditions, INCLUDING MENTAL HEALTH in 2022!

GOAL #5: Develop and develop and keep developing your leaders


· Enhance management and leadership competencies

· Review your process for integrating new managers and leaders into your organization

· Create or review your training program to develop strong managers and leaders


· Develop and executive/leadership coaching program.

· Partner with other organizations that specialist in areas of Equity and Inclusion to ensure you have a roadmap to develop those competencies in your leaders

· Develop an on-boarding program specific to managers and leaders

· Review HR training programs and ensure your leaders needs are being met

If it all seems impossible to do if you are a nonprofit or a small business, trust me when I say, without a basic framework in your human resources strategy as you move into 2022, your organization is at risk for high turnover, employee dissatisfaction and increased workplace stress.

Let Alvis People Solutions, LLC. help work with your specific needs when it comes to designing a simple, straight-forward HR strategy at your nonprofit or small business to ensure a successful 2022 for your operation.

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