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Alvis People Solutions Welcomes Eliza Paul to the Team

Alvis People Solutions, LLC. is pleased to welcome Senior HR Consultant Eliza Paul to the team.

Eliza has spent the entirety of her career working for nonprofit organizations, with a focus in people support and organizational day-to-day operations. A true Senior Generalist, she has helped organizations with a vast variety of projects to broaden, modernize and clarify their internal structures, while backing leaders in constructing a positive and productive work environment where employees felt heard and supported.

Bringing 10+ years of human resources experience to the team, Eliza holds a BA in Fine Arts with a Psychology minor from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Whether your organization needs support in recruitment, benefits administration, payroll software implementation, leaves of absence, a handbook rewrite, or employee relations support, she is ready and able to jump in head first.

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