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The Great Resignation

Alvis People Solutions, LLC. was mentioned in this excellent article that talks about an Org chart software solution that can be a helpful tool to “steady the ship” as companies navigate the Great Resignation.

Per the article, having an automated solution means that keeping up with administrative changes is easy because the data represented in the chart, such as location and employee status, is synched with the internal HRIS. The tool can also be used strategically to fill vacant positions and restructure with a rapidly changing workforce.

HR professionals like myself do not anticipate a slow down anytime soon when it comes to resignations. Employers need to pay particular attention to their employees concerns and needs right now as we see this trend continue.

Every client we are working with right now is experiencing unprecedented resignations from their once steady workforce. Managing new hires and departures involves many moving parts and many departments at companies, not just human resources.

For those employers who have limited resources to keep up with it on the HR side of it, I recommend you check out as an effective solution to keep up with your ever-changing workforce.

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22 set 2021

Having automated org charts is kind of brilliant.

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22 set 2021
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